Welcome to Abu-bakar Islamic Center

Masjid Abu-Bakar is excited to launch a new and much-improved website as a useful community resource.  Some sections are still being developed, but we encourage you to browse the site and visit regularly for community announcements, events, prayer times and more! We encourage you all to participate in our many activities that are held throughout the year. Be sure to stay connected on Facebook and sign up for our weekly newsletter. We value and look forward to your feedback. Masjid Abu-bakar is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, diverse, and open community committed to full and equal  participation  and involvement of all members of the masjid Whatever you give or spend in the way of Allah will be returned to you in manifold increase. Allah, the most Bountiful and the most Loving, commends: Lend unto God a goodly loan. Whatever good you shall forward on your behalf you shall find it with God, as better and richer in reward. [al-Muzzammil 73: 20.] Be generous, therefore, for whatever you spend on yourself is only for your temporary sustenance while whatever you spend in the way of Allah is an investment in your future for which will provide everlasting sustenance. Seek to invest in others for your own benefit with whatever Allah has endowed you. Allah says: Of their wealth take alms to purify and sanctify them. [at-Tawba 9:103.] Furthermore: He that spends his possessions [on others] so that he might grow in purity. [al-Layl 92: 18.] Love for worldly possessions is primarily a disease of the heart while the purpose of sadaqa is to act as its antidote or cure. Sadaqa serves as a form of dhikr to remind us that all forms of wealth come from Allah and what we possess is .simply a short term loan for which we will be held accountable when our contract expires. Please note: Paypal Charges us upto 3% in Service Charges. If possible, we request you to pay by Check. Please mail you checks with appropriate memo to Masjid Abu-Bakar 2 NE 80th Ave. Portland OR Call (503)358-5363

Masjid Abu-bakar is a non-profit tax-exempt organization that has been formed exclusively for educational, religious, and social purposes. It is registered with the Internal Revenue Service under revenue code 501(c)(3). All of its activities are in accordance with the teachings of the Quran and following the teachings and traditions of Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be upon Him). The masjid is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, diverse, and open community committed to full and equal participation and involvement of men and women who are community members of the masjid subscribe to accept its rules, regulations, and procedures.